Cyber Night Japan Cruiser

Oh. Yeah. Just the other day in NMNC 00007, I was talking about the idea of auto ateliers, where desirable, savable late-model vehicles were significantly overhauled in limited runs. Call them “cheap Singers”, “cheap Icons”, but actually usable day to day as the original would have been.

00007 was about a shop in Japan, DAMD Inc, offering full restyling kits for kei cars. This is about another proof-of-concept from Japan, though officially sanctioned by Honda.

If you haven’t seen the Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser 2020 yet, the quick walkthrough below is a terrific overview of the car. (While you’re there, subscribe to DriftHunterAlbo, whose videos are terrific!) 

DriftHunterAlbo’s walkthrough of the car

The concept was spearheaded by a 25-year-old Honda designer and based on an EK9 Type-R from 1997—even today, its 185 horsepower would be more than sprightly. Better? Styling kit and LED lights aside, it’s a Honda parts-bin special.

The wheels are from a new Insight, the side mirrors, gauges, and Recaro seats are from the Honda S660 kei roadster. Assuming the chassis, brakes, suspension, and engine are also updated, it’d obviously make a sweet little runabout.

I’d even be down for a slow one. With an engine from a newer Fit, would it be called the Honda Civic Cyber Morning USA DX Commuter?

If you were asked to make your very own modern-but-reasonable restomod, what would you put together for people? 

I’m all in on modernizing a Volvo 850. If that went well, maybe Nissan cubes and Honda Elements with Tesla powertrains—the perfect three-box lineup for any ambitious automotive atelier.


Honda Civic Cyber Night Japan Cruiser (paultan.orghighly recommended website–Ed.)

Honda S660 kei roadster (honda.jp)